Projector DHR 150 250W 24V

Nowadays everything is made of plastic or some kind of alloy and not as durable as it used to be before, that’s why it’s important to buy with intelligence especially when you’re talking about a product that’s going to be incorporated in a boat, if you’re a lover of sail know that durability is the most important aspect so this time we want to talk about the DHR 150 250W 24V Projector what you will find in MARINE BULBS which will make you want to replace all those old plastic lights of your sailboat by pure projectors like this one.

About the DHR 150 250W 24V Projector

The first thing is to talk about its striking design, it does not have the style that is traditionally seen in new boats, rather it has a style that looks like the modern version of the type of headlights used by luxury sailboats a few decades ago. have the great advantage that the structure is made of stainless steel, which in addition to being a non-corrosive material or harmful to the environment will not have the problem of deteriorating over the years.

It has two lights, high and low perfect to adapt to your needs of use, that can be done through the switch that has built-in, of course, it is a more creative person and decides to leave it fixed in an outside place, you can seek to make a connection to control the ignition, shutdown and intensity from the control panel of your boat with just a touch.

At this point you may already be pleased with the DHR 150 250W 24V Projector, but for sure you think that it is not compatible with your boat, that’s the best, no matter what type of craft has a boat, rock, yacht, gondola or a pedal boat may have this projector on board since it has a universal base which can be installed in two ways or removable or fixed, the second option is recommended in case you usually sail in seas with rough weather conditions.

Its installation is not difficult you should only have the idea of ​​where to go through the wiring to any point of energy of your boat that can also make it work with an external source and with a little creativity could incorporate a battery and take it to another level, turning it into a reliable and powerful portable projector.

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