Refrigerator Vitifrigo FRIGO-FREEZER VF C65L

The FRIGO-FREEZER VF C65L Vitifrigo Fridge is built in high resistance polyethylene by means of rotational printing, offering the maximum of robustness, with an excellent aesthetic line and extremely efficient. This Marine Electrical Refrigerators works for special installations offering the possibility of creating refrigerated compartments. It is equipped with a practical removable container and sliding opening, which occupy limited spaces, improving the capacity of the article.

Specifications of Refrigerator Vitifrigo FRIGO-FREEZER VF C65L

  • Total capacity 65 liters
  • Net weight 24 Kg.
  • 12 / 24Vdc power supply (also available with bivalent control unit 12 / 24Vdc – 100-240Vac 50 / 60Hz)
  • Nominal consumption 45W
  • Total width 765 mm.
  • Total height 458 mm.
  • Total depth 510 mm.
  • Internal temperature range between + 10 ° C / -20 ° C

 Features of Frigorifico Vitifrigo FRIGO-FREEZER VF C65L

  • Digital thermostat to set the temperature according to your own requirements.
  • LED thermostat for a much faster and more precise configuration thanks to the blue LED light.
  • LED light illumination that provides low consumption and high efficiency
  • Handle (standard) for easy transport of the portable refrigerator as it is equipped with handles.
  • Portable refrigerators are equipped with a practical internal basket with steel threads
  • Battery cable for power with universal socket for the cigarette lighter.
  • D power (optional) Bivalent control unit 12 / 24Vdc – 100-240Vac 50 / 60Hz

Advantages of Frigorifico Vitifrigo FRIGO-FREEZER VF C65L

The FRIGO-FREEZER VF C65L Vitifrigo Fridge allows storage of food during any trip on the high seas that allows them to be stored and kept without taking up much space.

Additionally, it has a contained size and is easy to maintain, so it is considered the ideal choice if what you want is a portable refrigerator. If the boat is habitable, it will be necessary to have a fixed location if you do not want to have the portable cooler rolling on the floor or in a chest.

Regardless of the outside temperature, this refrigerator offers the best quality performance and is extremely quiet. You can move this extraordinary fridge and freezer anywhere. Additionally, it has stainless steel hinges and a robust lid lining, which can withstand the most demanding loads.

Operation of Fridge Vitifrigo FRIGO-FREEZER VF C65L

It works with a refrigerant that passes from the liquid to the gaseous state in the evaporator. The evaporation process gets the temperature down by extracting the heat from the inside of the refrigeration unit. The compressor sucks the refrigerant, compresses it and transfers it to the condenser. The result is an excellent cooling performance capable of reaching freezing temperatures even at extreme room temperature.


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